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  1. 1964 Galaxie Four-Speed Shifter Lever Length

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    I'm swapping my Hurst shifter & linkages for an OEM Ford shifter & linkages in my 1964 Top Loader Galaxie 500 (bench seat). Greg Donahue told me that the distance from the floor to the ball should be 14" on the 1964, but all I can find is 12" shift levers (supposedly these work on a 1960-1963...
  2. 1970 Torino,Toploader, Shifter, Hump

    I have a really nice top loader, 28 spline, close ratio, that came out of a running 1970 Torino, 351 car. I also have the original Torino Hurst shifter, (linkage still on the tranny) with rubber boot and back up light switch! Chrome is really, really nice! Also have the four speed "hump? Total...