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  1. Torino Pages
    Rebuilding a 1970 Torino gt convertible and need lots of parts. I'm in St Louis, Mo.
  2. Torino
    have numerous peices of chrome from around a 1970 gt torino.also interior trim and some platics.and the inner fender skirts.respond at [email protected] this is all the original parts some not in excellent condition other stuff is very nice more to be listed
  3. Torino Pages
    Ok I see the plate on the drivers door, the plate on the front window is located on the passenger side (weird I have seen this on other Torino's) what's up with that? I did read the another one is stamped on the drivers side inner fender skirt. Is this viewable by pulling the fender back to...
  4. Torino Pages
    I'm trying to get the gas tank out of my '70 Torino GT and came across this problem: There's some kind of what I believe is a vapor return system component attached to the top of the tank (see attached photo) that has to be removed before the tank can come out. We've unhooked the lines running...
1-4 of 4 Results