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  1. Supercharger for 351C???

    I have a 351 Cleveland and I was throwing up some different ideas for future plans on my car and had thought about adding a supercharger. Does anyone know what size, type, brand, cost, etc, supercharger would fit on a 351?
  2. '70 Torino 351c fuel delivery issue, please help!

    Torino Pages
    Ok so I have a 1970 Torino 351 Cleveland and upgraded the top half from a stock 2bbl to 4bbl Eldlebrock 650 carb and intake manifold. Ever since then I've been creeping up on small issues. I have some bad compression in 2 valves so I just have her sitting, probably for way too long since I don't...
  3. Help, need 69 Torino left side torque box

    Torino Pages
    Still desperate looking for a left side front torque box for a 69 Torino Cobra fastback. I have a new right hand side from the after market which is still available but the left side is no longer made and now obsolete. Any help appreciated, $100 reward for the person who finds me one on top of...
  4. Torino left side torque box

    Torino Pages
    I’m desperate for a left side 1969 Torino Torque box, maybe someone has a spare from a project now abandon or??? The after market now only supplies the right side which I’ve got but no longer builds the left side which I need! Any help very much apreciated.......
  5. Original vintage key fobs, Torino (including GT), Mustang, more

    Other Parts
    If you are looking for original leather classic car key rings/key fobs, I have a lot of New Old Stock from decades ago of various Fords especially Torinos (including GT). Mustang, Ford emblems including the old emblem etc. Please take a look at my stock on ebay. Thanks...
  6. Transmission Conversion

    Torino Pages
    I have a 1971 Ford Torino GT. 5.8L 351C Auto. I have swapped out the hood and added a shaker. I have always wanted to change the transmission to manual. I need some help. I'm unsure of what transmission I need. I read plenty that say a T5 from a fox body Mustang will fit perfectly. I've also...
  7. For Sale: 68 Mercury Montego MX Cyclone Package

    *SOLD* 1968 Mercury Montego MX Cyclone Package. It has a 302 V8 with C4 column shift automatic (Merc-O-Matic) upgraded with an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold and a Holley 4 Barrel Carb. True dual Flowmaster Super 44 exhaust was also added. New Ford Racing Valve Covers and an Edelbrock...
  8. FS: 1975 Ford Elite, 25K miles, mint

    Hello; I'm selling my one-owner all original low-mileage 1975 Ford Elite. It is a 351W with 3-speed automatic. It is all factory original, including paint. Interior is mint, I think it is as close to showroom new as you can get. Everything in it works: in-dash clock, adjustable side view...
  9. Anyone have a 68 302V8/C4 Combo?

    Torino Pages
    Does anyone have a Torino or Fairlane from 68 or 69 with a 302 V8 and a C4 Transmission? I'm looking for a reference on the transmission lines and how they hook into the radiator. I snapped one when putting in my new 4 core radiator and I found some replacement lines that fit Torino's and...
  10. Will mustang rims fit 71 torino???

    Torino Pages
    I have a 71 torino with stock 14'' rims. Looking to put something different on it. i see alot of mustang rims(90s to 2014s) at good prices, and same bult pattern( 5-4 1/2). but cant move on buying because not sure of the size of the center hole.... so, will mustang rims fit a 71 torino without...
  11. need grill and bumper 72 torino

    I need the passenger half of a 72 torino and the bumper but I cant find my style car
  12. 71 Ranchero Brakes

    Ranchero Pages
    I have read through the previous posts but I cannot find the exact answer to my question. My 71 Ranchero has manual drum brakes that I would like to convert to power discs (front only for now). I have found a local 77 Maverick parts car that I can get spindle and all of the disc brake parts...
  13. Anyone with '70-71 Torino GT in Phoenix area?

    Torino Pages
    I'm working on a design of the RamDuct CAI that fits the '70-71 GT hood to enable it to supply cold outside air to the engine. I've got a flat template on paper that someone sent me from laying it out on their hood, but they're located far from me and I'd like to actually see the hood in...
  14. E-brake Cable Routing

    Torino Pages
    Folks: I need some help. Can anyone shoot me pictures of how the emergency brake cable routes from the pedal, through the floor and out to the subframe on a 70-71 Torino? I need to cut some holes, I think, and want to make sure I'm doing it where I need to, and in the right shape. I had the...
  15. Hellllpppppppppp '72 Spindles

    Torino Pages
    So my front spindles have the bottom ball joints seized in and there is no getting it out... I need to find some. Any suggestions new or used or even other cars that will work doesn't matter.
  16. 1972 Gran Torino parting out :(

    It needs new front spindles, a front seat and an engine and trans. I have the engine and trans if I get a good enough offer they come too. It's a 429 with a c6 trans. I was in the process of rebuilding it, but being in the military I am having to get rid of the car. I'll sell just parts or the...
  17. 1972 Gran Torino parting out :(

    Torino Pages
    Hey guys I am losing the house and sadly that means the car has to go as well. I'm keeping the engine and trans, but everything else is fair game. Send me requests or take the whole thing. It has all the body panels, dash, lights, wiring harness, alternator and ect. No seats.
  18. Ignition condition

    Torino Pages
    Hi everyone, I'm new here, hoping someone can offer some guidance. I have a 1971 Torino, I think its a 500 sportsroof, according to the VIN. Originally with a 302 2v. It has a fresh rebuild on the engine, a non parts matching C9VE-B 6015 big block. It was race built at one time, ported and...
  19. Body vs VIN vs Engine Help!

    Fairlane Pages
    So I have a 1970 Fairlane 500.. or so I was told. But in 1970 the Fairlane 500 was not made into a fastback, just a 2 door sedan, and it just so happens mine is a fastback... So I'm wondering if somewhere along the way someone just rebadged a Torino fastback? or what else happened. The VIN...
  20. 302 motor upgrades

    Torino Pages
    Ive got a 68 Torino GT hardtop with a 302 motor in living on 29k miles. Id like to punch out a few more horses then the rated 210 but im not sure as to what the best way may be. Ive found a few different intake manifolds that I like such as an Edelbrock and a Weiand but I dont know how much...