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torque converter

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  1. All Ford Techboard
    I have installed transmission before and never had an issue. I am doing a swap in a 4x4 F150 with the E4OD tranny. Basically a C6 with overdrive from my understanding. I am currently putting the engine back in and the torque converter is hitting the flexplate. I have checked everything I can...
  2. All Ford Techboard
    Hello all, I was assembling a 80 302 and C4 for installation in my Fairlane when I discovered my aftermarket flexplate did not properly mate with my torque converter. Despite the flexplate having the correct tooth count, balance weight (28.2 oz) and bolt pattern, its face was too shallow to...
  3. C4 Transmissions
    I have a 1971 302 V8 and am looking at getting a 1979 C4 from a 300cid straight six. I was wondering do I need a flex plate and torque converter? Can I use the torque converter etc. with the V8 from the straight 6 or would I need to find one that was originally used with a 302? The 302 came...
  4. All Ford Techboard
    A friend and I started a project rebuilding a 1962 Mercury Monterey. We are only missing a few parts including the torque converter (Single stage torque converter with 3 speed fully automatic planetary gear train). We have completed the basic engine rebuild. We are almost ready to drop the...
1-4 of 4 Results