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  1. Automatic to Manual Transmission Switch

    Fairlane Pages
    Hey y'all, I currently have a 1966 Ford Fairlane with a C4 (I believe) automatic transmission. The only thing I don't like about this car is that it's an automatic transmission. Does anyone have any advice on how I can convert it to a manual (looking for what transmissions can fit and what parts...
  2. Toploader Rebuild Advice

    Transmission Articles
    So this is my first rebuild of my low milage 65 toploader, which has been leaking, and I have a few questions. It appears much of my leaking originated from the top cover vent, which had the proper gasket installed in the correct orientation. However, I already have a tail housing vent so I...
  3. Hub Caps and Transmissions SE Pennsylvania

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi. We have 24 of the standard flat blue hubcaps from a 1965 Galaxie (I think maybe 1966 also??) These are all used and condition varies. We also have 2 used automatic (one with Bell housing and one without) transmissions- which were stripped years ago from 1965 Galaxies I do not know about...
  4. 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 Transmission Crossmember

    Transmission Articles
    Hey, guys, I'm new to the site and I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get a '65 Fairlane Sport Coupe 500 transmission crossmember. I've searched all over and can't seem to find one. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. C4 Slips Out Compeletly When Going To 3rd

    C4 Transmissions
    Hey guys, I'm new to the Ford world and have been trying to find any info on an issue that just came up for me. I just bought a 66 Galaxie 500 convertible. It has a 302 and the factory C4 transmission. Driving it home it was doing fine. I drove for about an hour, stopped to eat, and drove for...
  6. what are these wires in AOD trany

    C4 Transmissions
    Hi, I have a 1963 Fairlane 500 Sports Coupe that I put an early (1985) AOD trany in. The problem is, it won't shift out of 1st gear. There are two sets of wiring plug ins that come off the trany that I don't have any idea where they hook to, so they are not hooked up. Does anybody know where...
  7. 1964 ford 289 bell housing FMX

    Galaxie Pages
    Im wondering if anyone has a 5 bolt bell housing for a fmx transmission that will fit a 64 289.
  8. C6 Transmission Weird Problem

    All Ford Techboard
    I have a 1969 Ranchero GT with a C6 transmission. It was working fine a couple days ago. I go to put it in gear to day and the order of gears is reversed. When in park it is in park. When in reverse or neutral it is in drive. Drive and below are reverse. It is a column shifter. What is causing...
  9. 65, 66, 67? - Transmission Crossmember Pictures

    Galaxie Pages
    I have seen lots of questions about transmission crossmembers and how to reverse them if you are installing a C6, etc.. I never knew mines was reversible until I had it out a few months ago. I picked up a spare crossmember and it is the kind that is not reversible. I thought I'd post pictures...
  10. My Cruise-O-Matic Rebuild Thread

    Galaxie Pages
    So, I decided to take out my 1966 Cruise-O-Matic transmission and see what I could do for it as far as a re-build! I was going to go with an AOD, but then I wanted to go with a 4R70W. I built a 4R70W and then I had to relocate due to work and the new transmission has sat. Now since I am...
  11. Anyone have a 68 302V8/C4 Combo?

    Torino Pages
    Does anyone have a Torino or Fairlane from 68 or 69 with a 302 V8 and a C4 Transmission? I'm looking for a reference on the transmission lines and how they hook into the radiator. I snapped one when putting in my new 4 core radiator and I found some replacement lines that fit Torino's and...
  12. 1964 Convertible Galaxie C6 Swap

    Galaxie Pages
    Hi all, I've noticed there's a lot on the forums here about putting a C6 into a galaxie by turning around the crossmember, getting a newer model crossmember, or just scooting it back and fabbing your own. I haven't found anything yet on a convertible crossmember. I've noticed they are different...
  13. 1967 mustang coupe t5 transmission swap from automatic c4

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    So I am looking to swap in a t5 transmission into my 1967 mustang coupe and i have some questions for anyone who has previously delt with the swap. First, the pedal assembly. Can i just use my stock brake pedal and attach the clutch pedal? or do i need a whole new assembly/old one from another...
  14. Looking for some help

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    I am working on a 72 mustang mach 1, with a 351C engine and a C4 transmission. I am wanting to do a transmission swap to a T5 with a hydraulic clutch. I am trying to get a complete parts list of what specifically this swap will require. Everything from specific models of pedal assembly to...
  15. 66 Ford Galaxie transmission problem

    All Ford Techboard
    I have a problem. I have a 1966 Ford Galaxie 500. It has a 352 engine factory motor and transmission. I don't know what size the transmission is. The problem, when I take the car out of park, it is in drive, no matter what gear you put it in, it is in drive, except for park.. The selector on...
  16. Where to start...?

    Ranchero Pages
    I have a 1961 Ranchero, very rough condition, it has a 170 strait 6 that was pieced together. I was given a complete 1963 260 V8, I am having trouble figuring out what motor mounts are needed and where to get them. Also, I believe because its a 260 it has a 5 bolt transmission pattern, exactly...
  17. C4 Won't move in D after High speed

    C4 Transmissions
    Just brought home my 68' mustang coupe with a 289 that has a few performance upgrades home on friday and decided to see what it could do. I floored the throttle and revved the engine in first gear to about 3800 rpm and then took off shifting through 1 2 and d reaching a top speed of 85 mph...
  18. transmission help

    Galaxie Pages
    need to redo the linkage from the steering wheel column to a mouthed floor shifter. its on a 67 390 galaxie 500. Anyone know how to do this?
  19. 1991 F150 AOD, speedometer issues

    All Ford Techboard
    I have a 1991 F150 4x4 AOD with a 5.0 Recently did the mass air conversion with a 92 C3W computer, 93 mustang harness that I spliced into my truck. I did not pull the tranny to do the swap (I pulled the engine to do a mild build) The pinouts for the VSS on Mustang computer should be the same...
  20. Speedometer issues after mass air conversion

    Late Model EFI Techboard
    I have a 1991 F150 302 4x4 with the AOD tranny, did the mass air swap with a 92 C3W mustang computer. Speedo worked fine before swap, now it is not functioning at all. So far all i can think of is that i need to change out the original VSS with a 92 mustang. Used a 93 mustang harness, that I...