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  1. 1976 ford c4 transmission and torque converter

    I have a rebuilt 1976 ford c4 transmission and torque converter for sale. If you are in the seattle area and in need of a C4 let me know. I also have a lokar c4 kickdown cable and a case of type f transmission fluid. 600 for all. was originally going to put in my 68 fairlane but ended up doing...
  2. 65 galaxy500xl 390 trans. slips in drive,it pulls after sumtime

    All Ford Techboard
    So my daily driver broke down and im tryn to get my galaxy500 up and road ready, last time i drove long ago it slipped pretty bad right before i parked it.So i put fresh fluid in it and managed to get it to pull, and it would even brake torque and burn rubber. Next day nothing but reverse...
  3. 62 Galaxie Transmission Conversion

    All Ford Techboard
    OK Guys, I need help! I have a 1962 Ford Galaxie XL 500 with an automatic transmission. I want to remove the automatic transmission from my 62 and install a 3 speed manual transmission in its place that is coming out of a 1963 Galaxie. The 63 has a 3 speed with the shifter on the tree. I want to...
  4. New falcon owner has a few questions

    Falcon Pages
    Hey guys wondering if you could help me out with a few things. I just bought a 1960 ford falcon with a 302 put in it along with a AOD transmission. The transmission is leaking and I am needing to put more fluid in it but im not sure where the hell to put it in.
  5. Transmission choice

    Torino Pages
    I've got a 71 Torino that I'm building and would like some input on which transmission and torque converter I should use. I've got a 351 Cleveland, a 9" rear with 3:50 gears, and a posi differential. I want the car to be pretty quick off the line and still able to cruise at highway speeds. Also...
  6. High-Reverse clutch apply issue

    C4 Transmissions
    Rebuilt my own C4, found existing mods inside. Now it appears that I have an issue with high/reverse clutch apply (slips in reverse and drive only). I had no problems prior to my rebuild. How can I determine if this issue is in the valve body or if I damaged a seal inside the trans? I don't...
  7. C4 Rebuild Gone Wrong

    C4 Transmissions
    Help! I have an older C4 transmission which was working fine in my 64 Falcon behind my 5.0 but I decided to freshen it up. I installed a B&M Trans Kit #BMM-50231 and a B&M Torque Master torque convertor #BMM-50441. While installing the transmission kit, I followed the instructions for the...
  8. In Search of Transmission Pan & Fill Tube

    Galaxie Pages
    Hey guys, fairly new to the whole Galaxie thing. I purchased my '67 about a year ago and ever since the trans filler tube has leaked due to the previous owner's repair of JB Weld. So I finally removed the trans pan the other day to see what all I was going to need. I can't get the filler tube...
  9. Torque converter for a Mercury Monterey

    All Ford Techboard
    A friend and I started a project rebuilding a 1962 Mercury Monterey. We are only missing a few parts including the torque converter (Single stage torque converter with 3 speed fully automatic planetary gear train). We have completed the basic engine rebuild. We are almost ready to drop the...
  10. Locking up in Full Throttle

    C4 Transmissions
    I have a '67 Mustang Coupe i bought recently. She was okay but know were starting to have some problems. When i hit the pedal a little to fast it drops to the floor and is stuck in full throttle until i shift to neutral. it has a straight 6 200 engine (automatic). i dont know if it is the engine...
  11. Downshifts too early

    C4 Transmissions
    In my '67 Mustang coupe straight six the transmission is dowshifting way too soon. If you go onto the gas very softly and gently you can be okay but if you hit the gas a little to hard and downshifts and sticks in full rpms for a while. eventually it comes out by itself but its a huge problem...
  12. FE engine to T5/TKO trans?

    All Ford Techboard
    I'd like to put a T5 or TKO in behind the 390 FE in my 68 LTD. So far the only bellhousing adapter I've found is the one made by quicktime, but $530 seems a little salty to me. Hell, I didn't pay that much for the engine! Do I have any other options? Any tricks for modifying common bellhousings...
  13. Tci superstreetfighter C-4 for sale

    I have a super street fighter trans for sale 800 miles on it shifted great ran fine when pulled, going to a tko and no longer need this, really need it gone, 500 plus shipping from 72616. Email me at [email protected]
  14. 1990 AOD Trans from Crown Vic, COMPLETE

    I have a AOD, that was pulled from a Crown Vic, works great, complete with Block Plate and Flywheel, ready to install $275.00 call or text 513-312-8799 John
  15. Dolly-towing a w/ a T10: Pull the Driveshaft?

    All Ford Techboard
    Due to some complications, I need to dolly-tow my Falcon. I know on some manual transmissions, you're supposed to pull the driveshaft if you tow b/c the tailshaft doesn't get properly oiled if just the driveshaft's spinning. Anyone know for sure? Thanks
  16. First Build:1966 Mustang

    Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Ok, this is my first build. I recently bought back my 1966 Mustang all original 289 2v. Even though its all original, lets face it not a whole lot of resale because it was the 2v regular daily driver car. Now, this being said, in the next year I plan on gutting it and starting over, with a...