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  1. Truck Forum
    Trying to make a low mileage 84 F150 302 4 speed a little more lively on a budget. I got an intake manifold off an '83 Mustang 5.0 HO and the 4180c carb from a friend. Also found a Holley SA 670 at the junkyard in great shape. Planning on spending some money on heads and a camshaft. Only after...
  2. The Garage
    hey guys and girls! i have started a website to showcase cars such as, 4x4, slammed, aussie cars, burnouts, budget buils, in the build and much more, if you would like to show of your pride and joy throw us a email at: [email protected] or find us on facebook and throw a like and...
  3. Truck Forum
    351 Windsor Comp Cams H268-2 cam 1.6 Roller Rockers Bored .060 over 9x5x1 compression Eldebrock Performer Intake 600 cfm carburetor headers HEI distributor Any suggestions or comments on what to do with this or any tweaks that you would make are welcome. Thanks!
  4. Truck Forum
    my 92 f150 has a straight 6 in it. the fuse that runs the radio, interior lights, speedometer, and gauge lights keeps blowing. it blows as soon as u put it in. at first it only blew when you hit bumps but now its right away. i have the dash torn apart and have wiring diagrams and i have tested...
  5. The Garage
    Hello, my father has a small block building in Ypsilanti MI about 30 miles west of Detroit along I-94 for about 12 cars. No heat, secured, must carry your own insurance. $75/ month Call Dan @ 734-945-9688
1-5 of 5 Results