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  1. Thunderbird Pages
    My ‘67 tbird, is missing most vacuum lines in the engine bay. I can’t seem to find a “cheat sheet” so to speak, online. I also have had no luck with finding one in any junk yards to see which line goes where, also having carburetor issues. The one on it is a 4bbl 650 holley. List-6231 its a...
  2. Falcon Pages
    I have a 65 ford falcon with a 200 CI straight 6 (not original engine) with a single barrell carb. The engine looks as it came out of a late 70's fairmont from looking at the casting numbers. Im having trouble figuring out where all the vacuum lines are supposed to go. The previous owner had...
  3. Falcon Pages
    does anyone have pictures or a diagram of the vacuum lines on their carb? The previous owner had lines plugged and clipped all over the place and its not the original engine. Its a 200 straight 6 with a single barrell carb.
  4. All Ford Techboard
    my brake booster has a T connector for vacuum hoses one side going to intake and the other disappearing inside the fender. any ideas about where and what that line is. my new booster won't accommodate it
1-4 of 5 Results