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  1. Vacuum issue for heater temp

    Galaxie Pages
    I've got no experience with vacuum so not sure if I've got dirty vacuum controls or actually failed parts. I'm hoping someone can give me some insight to understand how these parts work or fail. My basic problem is I'm not getting any vacuum to the water control valve--the valve that opens...
  2. vacuum lines for carburetor

    Falcon Pages
    I have a 65 ford falcon with a 200 CI straight 6 (not original engine) with a single barrell carb. The engine looks as it came out of a late 70's fairmont from looking at the casting numbers. Im having trouble figuring out where all the vacuum lines are supposed to go. The previous owner had...
  3. 1970 Torino GT timing setup help?

    Torino Pages
    I've got a 1970 Ford Torino GT with a 351 Cleveland 4V paired with a FMX cuise-o-matic transmission. Over the winter I overhauled the whole drivetrain, re-did the brakes, removed, stripped and re-sealed the engine. Now I have it all back in the car, sealed, mounted, oiled and full of all...
  4. 289 stumbling

    All Ford Techboard
    Hello all, It's been awhile since I've posted as my '66 Galaxie was in storage half a continent away. It's back now and I've done a little bit of work to it since it's been back. Most notably I've put a new HEI distributor in it. Honestly I don't care if you would or wouldn't put the part in...
  5. Crappy Idle...mystery vacuum leak or something else?

    All Ford Techboard
    As of yesterday, I had it running at a surge-y 800-1000rpm in park/neutral, which dropped to like 500-600 in gear. Best I could do was a bumpy 17 inHg of vacuum at idle. Seemed low on a (AFAIK) stock z-code 390. I assumed I had a vacuum leak somewhere, so I plugged all the ports, but I couldn't...