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  1. Galaxie Pages
    I know there’s a bunch of threads on this kind of thing but I haven’t had any luck. It’s my 1966 LTD that I swapped a 390+c6 into. Prior to that, i was running a toploader in it. At the time, It rode like a dream on the highway. Now with the c6, I’ve noticed it feels like all the tires are out...
  2. Galaxie Pages
    have a 64 galaxie 500 just replaced all front end bushings tie rods and control arms, has laser alignment i performed at my shop, car drives straight as an arrow but has bad whine from ps pump and vibrations when turning wheel system has been bled manually and with engine running what could be...
  3. Galaxie Pages
    The last couple days I've been getting some pretty bad vibration at speeds above 65MPH. Symptoms are very strange. Both times, I got on to the highway and accelerated to about 70MPH. I drove a couple miles at that speed with no problems. After about two miles the car starts to shake, then gets...
1-3 of 3 Results