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  1. Wheels and Tires
    Very good condition - set of four 19" Rims. Please see photos. Located in Southeastern Connecticut.
  2. Mustang Pages (1965-1973)
    Hello, i am about to restore my 67 mustang coupe. i am between painting it black or white.i am also attaching some photos than i liked through internet. can you post some photos and wheels of coupes please? i am especially troubled with wheels :)
  3. Falcon Pages
    I have a 1964 Ford Falcon Sedan, 2-door, 6 Cyl. 170 straight, 3 speed tree Manual Transmission and Brakes. My wheel is 13” (Rim diameter), Rim width is 4”, Backspacing; I don’t know bcuz tire is on wheel, 4 lugs (Bolt pattern measurement is 4.5”). My tire size is P185/70R13. I need one wheel...
  4. All Ford Techboard
    Hey guys, anyone able to offer some advice on the codes on these wheels? I just bought them this past weekend, it's not a question of whether it was a poor choice, they ran on Mustangs for a lot of years and are going onto my 68 Montego, so they'll bolt on fine, I just wanted to know if they...
  5. Fairlane Pages
    Hi all so I have a 67 fairlane 2 door hard top and I went to look at another last night, well long story short waaaayy too much rust and wanted almost 2 grand for a 500 dollar car at best. Anyway I ended up walking away with a set of new in box of vision legend 5 wheels 15x7 with -7mm offset...
  6. Fairlane Pages
    Hello All, I have a 67 fairlane id like to tell you all about, my son and I traded for a fairlane custom 500 std everything, and so far I have installed a 8.8 mustang cobra rearend with a 4:11 positraction rear, now this rear is 1.5 inched narrower than the 7" that came out, we moved all the...
  7. Galaxie Swap and Trade
    I was searching completed auctions on e-bay and I couldn't believe my eyes. A full set of 5 inch HIPO wheels sold for less then $1400.00 in August. I think there was about 11 bids. Not only did I miss the ad, the wheels were 100 miles from my house. Ouch ! So one more time, do you or...
  8. Falcon Pages
    I am looking to get new rims for my 1964 Falcon Sprint. Would 15"x7" rims with 215/60/15 for the front and 225/60/15 for the back work? I have disk brakes from a Grenada in the front. If this works, what off sets would I want?
  9. Galaxie Pages
    Just bought a 65 Galaxie Convertible. Has stock steel wheels which I would like to replace with Magnum 500's. 1. What size are the stock steel wheels (15X?)? (I've searched all over and can't find this info.) 2. If I eventually want to change to disk brakes all around, should I go to 16 inch...
  10. All Ford Techboard
    Hey guys, it's been a LONG time since I've been on here (sorry for my absence). I'm looking at maybe upgrading my wheels/tires on my 68 Mercury Montego MX. Anyone have advice for what fits/doesn't fit? I would like wider rear tires than what is currently on there (I have no idea what's on it...
  11. Truck Forum
    have a 1960 f100 want to change to a 41/2 bolt wheels what to do thanks jim
  12. Fairlane Pages
    Hey guys, New member to the forum. I've been a Mustang guy for years and just recently went a little further back and snagged a '63 Fairlane 2 door coupe. The car desperately needed tires and the older GT wheels on it are rusted pretty badly. I want to go ahead and make the leap into getting...
  13. Fairlane Pages
    I am wondering what the spacer thickness would be to make these babies fit? They are 235/50/18 BFGoodrich tires on a 1967 Ford Fairlaine
  14. Falcon Pages
    I have a 64 hardtop with the stock 8' rear. I want to run the largest tire in the rear. I'm thinking 15x8 prostars with 4.5 back space and 235x60x15 tires. Has anyone done this? or larger? Also I like the skinnys up front but don't want too much of the rotor showing, sticking out the back of the...
  15. Torino Pages
    A while back I saw a vendor selling complete sets. I'm running 225/70-14 dog dish with trim ring right now. Looks good, but I want to plus up. Anybody know best place to buy them and with the Torino crest centers? Also, would love to hear your thoughts on tire sizes front and rear. I'm...
  16. Wanted
    I'm in need of a complete linkage kit and underside pan for a tripower manifold. Possibly even a spare set of rebuild kits if I dont find them localy. The intake is the '63 no casting # unit. Also looking for a set of shelby wheels. Cosmetic condition isn't all that important as long as the...
1-16 of 18 Results