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  1. Good Buy? 1990 F150 with a 302 Windsor

    The Garage
    Hi everybody, just was wanting to get some opinions on this truck I am looking at. It is a 1990 F150 4X4 302 with 188,000 kms on it. Doesn't appear to have any rust on the body. Is it worth waiting for an I6 to come along instead? I know they have been known to be more durable engines but this...
  2. Crate Engine for 1968 Fairlane

    Fairlane Pages
    I have been scouring the internet for months to get a plan together for my car, and I think I have finally settled on a crate 427w from Ford. Comparing the cost of building one myself versus buying one, it seems like buying one of these and finishing it is my best, and most cost efficient...
  3. 70 Maverick project

    Maverick Pages
    So, I have bought a 70 maverick, I paid 1600 bucks (included delivery) theres some rust in the quarters and the car is rattle canned, it came with a 302 as far as I know the bottom end is stock, it is freshly machined the crank is turned 30/30 and it is bored .40 over, It has a 9 inch with...
  4. WTB: Forged Crank

    Looking to purchase a forged crank for a 351 Windsor. Preferably located near me in Central Texas. Thank you.
  5. 351 camaro swap

    All Ford Techboard
    Hi I'm a ford guy who's stuck with a fourth generation camaro. I have already put lots of money and time into it besides just the engine but am finally fed up with it. By selling it I will be losing lots of money so I am interested in doing a ford swap to put a 351 into it. The transmission is...
  6. 1971 302

    All Ford Techboard
    Hey all. I have a quick question. I bought a 1968 f100 the other day that the previous owner had taken the inline six and replaced it with a 1971 mustang 302,c4 and posi-rear. The truck motor is beat but still has enough power to roast them a little. MY question is regarding the next step...
  7. STROKER GUIDE: Stroker Options for the Windsor

    All Ford Techboard
    STROKER GUIDE Stroker Options for the Windsor - RACE PAGES MARCH 2010 VIEW ONLINE ARTICLE There are two ways to build an engine: cafeteria style or with a kit. You know the cafeteria style take a little of this, get a little of that, and soon your tray is a mix of breakfast for dinner and...
  8. 1973 Windsor 2V

    All Ford Techboard
    Hey guys first post and first Ford. I am currently building a 1946 ford f-100 hot rod pickup. I bought the truck the 1973 351W in it. From what I understand the windsor is the desired block and the cleavland has the desired heads. I however do not want to build a clevor. So this is what...