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  1. Choke, Fuel Pump, and Coil...same relay?

    Maverick Pages
    So I'm new to these forums, but neither my brother or me are wiring experts and need a little help finishing up the 302 swap into my 70 Maverick. Right now we have the coil, choke, and fuel pump all wired up to a temporary toggle switch just so we could hear the car run and make carb and timing...
  2. Wiring swap for intermittent wipers

    Galaxie Pages
    I recently installed a 2 speed wiper motor from Stan the Ford man. It came with a complete wiring harness. Now I’m trying to install an intermittent switch/governor from a donor mid 80’s ford truck.The plug harnesses don’t line up, so I will have to splice in. I don’t know what each terminal is...
  3. Wiring fog lights into my truck

    Truck Forum
    I have a 92 f150 and the front bumper is the one with the cut outs in it. I like the f250 and 350 fog lights in the early 2000's style. If I make mounting things for them to bolt on in my bumper holes how hard would it be to wire them in? I'd like to have it like normal fog lights that are on...
  4. 1992 f150 fuse problem

    Truck Forum
    my 92 f150 has a straight 6 in it. the fuse that runs the radio, interior lights, speedometer, and gauge lights keeps blowing. it blows as soon as u put it in. at first it only blew when you hit bumps but now its right away. i have the dash torn apart and have wiring diagrams and i have tested...
  5. 1963 marauder wiring help

    Galaxie Pages
    Anyone on here know what the second pin over on the to does. Mine is broken at the firewall but cut off on the other side of the plug. Also anyone know where the green wire black stripe bottom left goes too it has a plug/female but I can't find if and where it plugs into. It is a alternator...
  6. Galaxie suddenly won't start...

    Galaxie Pages
    So I had aspired to begin replacing parts and going upgrades on my 67 Galaxie 500 with a 390 this weekend and have hit a road block before I even began. I've been pouring over threads on here and keep taking steps from this and that (like this one...
  7. Replacement Wiring Harness at Firewall ('63)

    Galaxie Pages
    What's up yall, The guys over at the HAMB suggested I post here, so I joined up as a new member. I was trying to get rid of some electrical issues on my '63 Fastback when a terminal on one of my firewall harnesses (8 connector, 6-male, 2-female, engine side) broke. It's the 2nd harness from...
  8. Need Help - Starting A 1962 Fairlane Without A Hot-Wire!

    Fairlane Pages
    I'm almost done installing the interior wiring harness in my 1962 Ford Fairlane (221 V8/3-speed standard). The harness that was originally in the car was very butchured, so I am using the interior wiring harness from my low-mileage 1962 Ford Fairlane (221 V8/2-speed auto). Using a hot-wire from...
  9. 1966 mustang wiring to the rear/tail lights

    All Ford Techboard
    I am installing a new wire harness on my whole car and i am having trouble getting the wires for the tail lights through the hole into the quarter panel so they can come out the trunk. is there an easy way to do this?