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This TCI Shifter was installed on a V-6, 2007, Mustang. All the years from 2005 to 2009, V-6 or V8 shifter is the same with the only exceptions being console options.These are the tools I used for this. The one tool for door panel removal helps in disconnecting the shifter cable at the shifter lever but a regular screwdriver works too.

First thing is to begin by removing the console itself.
Put the parking brake on, to hold the car and to be able to remove the console.

Next remove the side panels in front of the consol by gently prying them back. The cracking noise is actually the spring clips being pulled out of their holes. Then remove the plastic trim collar gently from around the shifter itself. I used a plastic putty knife and notice that the tabs are different sizes so it only goes back on one way.Next the 2 screws from the rear on the console just under the lid holding the top decorative trim on.

You also see the 2 nuts that hold the console in place that’s under the box pad. With the side panels off you’ll see the screws that hold the radio and heater trim on. It looks like this when you have them removed with the heater controls still on the trim but unplugged from the electrical system. You don’t need to remove it completely; just enough to get the front of the console trim free. You don’t need to unplug the heater/AC controls to get to the front 2 console screws; I just did for the picture.

Then remove the decorative trim from the top of the console by gently prying up from the back. The heater/radio trim is on top of the trim front.

You’ll find 2 screws in the front of the console that holds the front of the console in place. Then remove the 2 nuts in the box, 10MM is the size. This is a picture of what it looks like with the console and shifter removed, so you can see the screw holes for the radio trim and console trim.

Now you can gently pry up the console from the back and before completely removing it you’ll have to disconnect any accessory plug-in that you have on your vehicle. This one had a power plug-in and Ipod power plug in.

Turn the key on, shift into drive and turn the key off. This is where the shifter has to be at when you remove the cable from the old shifter and connect it to the new one. This will give you access to unplug the shifter electrical system and 2 bolts and 2 nuts that hold the shifter in place. Unplug the connector first then unscrew the shifter, 8mm size nut and bolt. Then lift up the shifter enough to disconnect, from the inside, the shifter cable at the lever first and then gently pry the shifter cable housing clip from the shifter bracket itself. Be careful not to move the shifter out of Drive. Then you can remove the shifter itself. This is what they look like under them both in the cable area.

Now first have to put the new shifter in place. Set it in the shifter hole and reinstall finger tight the 2 nuts and 2 bolts that hold it in place. Then in a criss, cross pattern, in 3 steps, torque down the nuts and bolts to 80 INCH POUNDS only. NOT FOOT POUNDS, INCH POUNDS. It is important so make sure also to not shift it at all. It has to be in drive itself for cable installation.

If not sure what position is it, plug the wiring back in and turn the key on, (has to be plugged in to release the shifter lock), and shift all the way into Park. You should see the shifter indicator light come on and be able to turn the OD on and off now. Shift it to R, N, and then D. Your indicator light should show you what position you’re at.

Jack up the car in the driver’s side, install jack stands under the car for safe holding and now we can hook the shifter cable up. If necessary drop the driveshaft for easier access to the cable.

First gently push the cable housing plastic clip on to the shifter bracket. Then push the cable connector itself onto the shifter lever. You’ll feel a little spring tension but that suppose to be there. It should go right in place as long as the trans is still in drive. Remember you did shift it in drive before disconnecting the old shifter? If not you have to move the trans lever into park first, then back 3 positions to drive. That is why you want to be careful when disconnecting the cable from the old shifter lever to keep it in Drive at the transmission.

Now before you reinstall everything else, take the car off the stands, and with the engine running, test the shifter for proper operation. Starts in both P & N, and works in all gears. If you’ve never used a ratchet shifter it works different from a regular shifter in that the release lever is required to get to drive and then you have to ratchet it into each drive gear. You can’t just go from N to 1st or 1st to N. You have to stop and let the pressure off the shifter handle to be able to shift to the next gear. This way you don’t miss gears or accidentally go into the wrong gear.

If all works nicely then you’re ready to reinstall the console and dash area.
First put the console back in place and plug in the accessories. Then the console decorative trim, radio/heater trim, shifter trim and finally the front side panels.

And you’re done. Actually pretty simple.
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