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Gday Mustang brains trust. Just a bit of back story I have a clean 89 Fox gt AOD RHD here in Australia and I have done all the basic mods so far tube rear arms, 70mm throttle body, 76mm maf , under drive pulley kit, rear end gears 3.73 etc etc.

So now I would like to run weld prostars , I have purchased the rear 15x10 6.5 back space and 25mm offset all that I am happy with they will be fine.
But the front ahhh well . So the front brakes will be 94 spindles with either 02 twin PBR twin piston callipers or stock 94 v6 caliper what ever fits best . I will be using an AJE K Member and AJE a-arms.
My problem I want to run 15x6 fronts and I know there will be a fitment issue and I will need to grind/modify the caliper bracket and run a spacer 1/4 to 1/2 inch depending on the luck of the draw.
So to fit 15x6 pro stars ( or even 15x5 with a gun to my head) what back spacing and offset will I need?
Thank for reading my rambling rant.

Adelaide Australia.
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