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17x7's on 63?

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I have a a set of 17x7s off my 66 Mustang. I tried mounting them on the 63 Falcon. I couldn't get the rear end to sag enough in the leaf springs to get the tire between the rear fenderlip and the brake drum. What do you all do to get these on? I thought to drop the rear shackles and mount the rims then put the shacled back on. The problem with that, if I get a flat I'm not going to be able to change it on the side of the road. Any ideas? Thanks.

oh, they are 17x8 not 17x7s

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I do not know for certain although I have seen them applied to early Falcons. I know that the you would have to pick up the rear of the car by the rear frame so that the differential can drop as far as it can. If that is what you have already done and you still can not get them in there I do not know what to tell you. I sure as hell would not go so far as to drop the springs to fit the wheel. That would lead to one major pain in the ass in the advent of a road side tire change.
Ras Daniel
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Yup, already tried under the frame rails. Is anyone running 17's on a round body?
I have seen guys at Tire shops let the air out of the tire, mount it to the drum and then air it back up. I guess if you catch a flat on the road it really wouldn't matter because the air would be out of the tire anyway.
Did you try unbolting the shock absorbers???
I haven't tried it yet. I figure it'd be a good time to replace the shocks too so I'm trying to source some. The deflating the tires would probably help too, I think I'll do both. I'm also finishing up a 5 speed swap in the falcon so I'll post up on the 17s when I get them on.
On 2006-04-08 12:50, latamud wrote:
Tried it, didn't have to deflate the tires but did touch the fender lips in the rear some. rear is 235/45/17 17x7 3.5 bs, front is 205/40/17 17x7 4.5 bs

Might want to put the 4.5 back set in the rear and the 3.5's in the front and half your problems will be solved. Guess you will have to also put the 235 on the 4.5 bs and the 205's on the 3.5. That shold move your rar tire inbound one inch, possibly give you some clearance and hopefully won't be such a pain to get on next go round.
Ras Daniel
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I wrote the back spacing wrong. I didn't have an issue at all. Without unbolting the rear shocks the tire wouldn't clear between the drum and fender lip.
Currently i have a set of 17x8 bullet wheels on my 63 falcon with some 245/45/17. I have to jack the car up on the sub frame. Try this.
I just tried my set of 17 x 8 ttII's with 4" BS, with 245/45/17's on the rear of my 62 comet wagon. They had less than 1/2" clearance between tire and leaf spring, but didn't clear the outer wheel well/fender. They would have fit if they were 7's. I didn't try the fronts.
Thanks for the reply. I can't remember if I added this or not, too lazy to look, but I was wrong about 17x7. They ended up being 17x8's.
Rear 235/45x17 3.75 bs
Front 205/40x17 4.75 bs

If you go with a 245/40/17 tire in the rear you might be better off. But I think 245 is pushing it for the rear.
I also have 1" drop spacers. Tires did rub on outside wheel lip when I put them on at an angle, but I managed to muscle them onto the rear hub.

Anyone want to trade their 17/7's for my 17/8's??
Yup, I did try to muscle them in at first. Try a slightly narrower tire in the rear, like 235 or 225. I know those 245s are a nice size though.
They wouldn't clear anyways. I would need 17/7's with 4" BS to fit my 62 wagon. But you're right, the 245's are pretty sweet looking!
I see, my 17x8's have 4.75 backspacing with a 235/45/17 fit
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