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New member here from Brazil with a 1958 T-bird with Cruise-o-Matic (MX). I'm also on a T-bird forum, but there is little knowledge on the COM over there.
I rebuild the COM some two years ago after the front clutch gave out. Bought a master kit with all the seals, packing's, steels and composites. It was working perfectly for a while, but recently it started slipping again. The front clutch had signs of overheating. Put new discs in again. Now when air testing both clutches from the holes in the housing, I can hear the front clutch applying, but when doing the same test on the rear clutch, I hear a lot of air escaping, but no clutch applying.
Took it apart again and doing the air test from the back of the primary sungear shaft, I can hear both clutches applying. There is a slight air leak audible, but that seems permissible, since the metal sealing rings on the primary sungear shaft should have a small end gap. The aluminum sleeve in the output shaft had no signs of wear and the sealing rings fit perfectly. But when I do the air test from the distribution sleeve on the output shaft, the front clutch applies, but some air comes from the hole from the rear clutch. When doing the test from the rear clutch hole, a lot of air comes from the front clutch hole and no thumb of the clutch is heard. Anyone already had something similar happening and has a solution?
All metal sealing rings on the primary sungear shaft and on the output shaft are new and fit well inside the bores.
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Regards x Frank
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