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found this is on craigslist today....
my self i have many to many irons in the fire already, other wise i would be all over it...
thaught someone here might be interested.....:)

1960 Falcon 2dr Delux Wagon

PROJECT - No motor, body has small dents and couple of spots of rust. Extra parts - Windshield with new rubber, Comet tailgate, window stainless for back side and tailgate windows. Trailer hitch plus more misc. parts. Good pink on non-op with new plates. $1,650.00.

Also have 1973 250ci 6 cyl. ( std bore ) and 1970 8" 5 lug 3.00 to 1 rear end from Mavericks. Extra.

Contact Harold @ 209 524-2048

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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