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The time has come to sell my 1960 Falcon 4-door. This has been my beloved project for almost 9 years, and I don't let it go easily.

1960 Ford Falcon
200ci Inline six motor
T-5 (5 speed) transmission
This has been my project car for almost 10 years. Originally the car had a 144ci with a 3-speed transmission (Original). I rebuilt that motor once many years ago, and ran the car like that for many years while working on the body, electrical and interior. Two years ago, I found a 200ci motor sitting in a 1971 Ford Maverick, and immediately pulled the motor. I also used Bruce at Modern Driveline to assist with the details of adapting the Chevy T-5 Transmission to a Ford Engine. The reason for this being that a Ford 5 speed accepts the shifter too far back on the tail shaft to work with the bench seating, whereas a Chevy S10 T-5 transmission if further up, allowing clearnace. Some time after I had this up and running, a spare tire slammed into the front of the car while getting on the highway, denting in my beautiful chrome bumper. Very shortly after (About 6,000 miles), I left the country and have been gone since. I no longer have any use for the car, and since the residents of the house are moving very soon. . . the car has to be sold. I hope to sell this gem to an owner who will love the car as much as I do. Below are the listed modifications to the car that I can think of.

Car is sitting in Norwalk, California.

200ci Inline-6 fully rebuilt with new parts
T5 transmission with brand new clutch
Werber 32/36 DGV 2-Barrel carburetor
2.5 Inch stainless exhaust, into a Flowmaster Muffler + Resonator (For that deep blub blub)
Brand new 5 leaf rear leaf springs
New load rated shocks
New front bushings
Stainless front strut bar
---- Electrical----
Powermaster 200amp Alternator
Duralast Gold battery
Wired for a car alarm, but its disabled
Custom fuse box
Brand new 4 core radiator (Runs at a pefect 170, even in California heat)
New hoses all around
Brand new water pump + gaskets
----Wheels and brakes----
Goregous classic thick white wall tires with plenty of tread left on them
New brake pads all around (Drum)
New Master cylinder
----Custom work----
Upgraded the Z-bar linkage to a Modern Driveline clutch cable
Upgraded accelerator linkage to a Modern Driveline cable
Custom bellhousing
Custom driveshaft
Chrome Hurst Shifter + Shift ball
Custom silver painted engine bay
All Engine parts painted with the care of someone who has loved this car since high school
New motor mounts
The car has been sitting since I left two years ago. I was home in December, where I changed all fluids, fired it up and drove it around for a few days. The car ran beautifully. It sat for a year, yet started on the 3rd attempt and idled like a kitten. It drives incredibly well on the street, although it's not too great for highway use. (The rear end limits the speed to about 70 mph max). On the street, it cruises like a goddess, and turns heads no matter where you are.
I'm asking for $5,000. Looking for serious buyers only, as I am not currently in the country. I will be setting up appointments for a friend to show you the car. Please feel free to email me with any questions, and I will reply as soon as I can.


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