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1960 Ford Starliner rolling chasis. Doesn't have motor, transmission, brakes or interior.
The condition of the vehicle is not the red/silver one you see below. That was the before pic (yes I know I am crazy for taking it apart). Current condition is an unpainted rolling chasis with trim,doors mounted. I really, really, really don't want to sell this car but priorities are changing. If you are looking for a simple Starliner this is not for you. Not in a hurry to sell and assume the audience will be more limited as not everyone wants to take on a project.

Selling for $10,500. I have $13,150 in extra parts and acid dip alone not including the vehicle,welding labor costs on frame or the custom work done to roof/windshield. I could probably make more parting and chopping up vehicle but that would be a shame.
This car has received a lot of magazine press when it was done. It also received a Custom Rodder Top Ten award at a Goodguys Car show and gets a lot of attention as you don't see too many around. I didn't do it the way i should have initially so I stripped it to start over. The current condition of vehicle is the unpainted version.
I have bought some cheap 1960-1962 Ford projects before. The lesson learned is buy one with body condition in good shape versus saving a few bucks and paying a fortune to buy and weld new metal back in (unless you are a skilled welder already).
1960 Ford Starliner rolling chasis(California black plate car)
It has been acid dipped so there is no paint on it (and technically no rust) - $5k alone to have this process done with all the body parts.
Overall Body is solid aside from a spot in corner of trunk, minor holes on some side panels, Corner of hood needs work, and one spot on firewall. Starliner always have bad floors, quarters and trunk and this one does not.
Doors were shaved as wells reverse lights and trunk latch.
Front windshield has been layed back slightly which required removing and cutting roof. Roof is not chopped!
All glass and trim (front windshield is cracked) including bumpers
NOS- Rear stainless, upper door trim, front fender trim, one of the inner fenders,headlight trim rings, 2 of the headlight buckets, taillight lenses- $1k
No interior at all aside from Dash and door trim
powdercoated some pieces
Custom front Grill -cost me $1K
Swapped frame from a 61 wagon project i got rid of. Frame has-
Fatman Mustang II front clip - Cost me $1,500 shipped
Air Ride Technologies Front A arms - cost me $800 (set up for Shockwave air bags but not included)
Powdercoated Rack and Pinion - Cost me $300
Rear set up for air bags (welding work done)
Air Ride Technologies Rear 4 link suspension with Panhard bar- cost me $550
9" rear rebuilt by Currie Enterprises with Currie rear end and axles (shortened 1" on each side and powdercoated housing) - cost me $3k
Brackets welded in front for FE motor

Parts NOT included that I will sell to buyer separately and or may sell separately are brand new- Lentech AOD with FE bellhousing, the airbags, air tank, Wilwood 14" brakes all around, Modified rear sump oil pan, FPA headers, and some other miscellaneous stuff.

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