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Guys, I've got the following items for sale. The parts have less than 1000 miles on them since the short block was remanufactured. Bad thing about it is I don't want to ship. Items located in Warsaw, In. 574-269-4666

1. 352 Crank/ .010 under. Won't need polishing. Less than a 1000 miles on remanufactored engine when taken out. Rods and Piston's +.040 over go with it. Pistons are nice also. $300.00
2. C1AE Heads / All new valves, guides and seats, All surfaces refaced, 74cc chambers, New Comp Cam springs, not been on car since remanufacture. $500.00
3. New 268H Comp Cam and lifters. $150.00
4. 352-390 iron stock intake. FREE with any other purchase. LOL
5. C1AE Heads that need rebuilding. $200
6. 1966 S-code intake from 66GT. $50
7/ C8AE-H heads with no valves/springs and exhaust gasket matched. $100.00
I used the block of the 352 to make a 410ci engine with Edelbrock heads and intake. The block was a heavy wall block that you only hear about.
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