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Maybe it is my limited ability to effectively search things here but I can't find any posts/discussions on oil pans. Does someone know or can you point me to a good source to find a correct oil pan for my car? Not find the pan - just find out what the correct one is. Pics would help as I know what the inside of mine looks like. I have done a lot of looking and have a couple of part numbers..C1AZ6675C...C1AE6675C but it is unclear which would be correct (maybe the second one?), if either. I have also seen pictures claiming to be the correct pan, yet the windage trays are different (and neither like mine) and drain plugs are in different locations.

While I know what the inside of my pan looks like (unfortunately)and it obviously fits, a previous owner did a home made deeper sump (didn't do a bad job actually) so I am not sure exactly what I have.....only that it fits.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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