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1963 Galaxie 4 door interior door panels

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I realized the plastic chrome on my 63 4 door interior door panels is looking pretty bad, and I was hoping to update the panels. I cant find anyone online that sells them. I checked on the forums but it looks like all of the posts are out of date.

Does anyone know where I can buy a good set of new panels (black) or restore the plastic chrome on the door panels?

Thanks, as always, for your expertise!
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How much time do you have…….?

mom saying this tongue-in-cheek because if my experience with SMS Auto Fabrics. They can do it, might be 2-3 years.

are you sure Distinctive doesn’t have them?

Mustang Market is a good dealer for their products. They take several weeks to a few months to be produced, good quality overall.
Thanks! I hadnt heard of distinctive. Parts look great but cant find a supplier that has them in stock.

Mustang market--great call. I ordered a full set. Thanks for your help!
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