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1964 Ford Fairlane 2Dr Sedan
Original Engine: 260 2V
Body Color: MaroonNo warranty plate
Located in Marion, AR (Memphis area)

This car started as a Thunderbolt clone project, but was never finished. The car has the following T-Bolt mods:
• Front shock towers cut and plates welded in
• Left inner fender panel clearenced for air tubes
• Exact replica of T-bolt headers (rusted through on 2 tubes)
• 9 inch Ford rear end housing with rear ladder bar/drive shaft hoop (all in good shape)
• Rear mounted battery tray
• Trans tunnel modified for Toploader
• Clutch pedal setup for manual trans
• Dodge van front seats and mounts
• Aluminum front tow brackets
• Rear window brackets
• Aluminum hood pins

The rear end has no differential. Has axles and drum brakes. I am keeping the block and heads. They are bare, and were only used for fitment purpose. I have original front and rear glass to fit the car, as well as extra trim pieces, and other T-Bolt specific parts.

The VIN # on the car is 4K41F213676. I have a clear Arkansas title for the car.

The car sat in a field with no front or back glass in it for probably 10 years. There was a lot of leaves and dirt piled in the car. There are some areas showing rust through. The entire trunk floor will need to be replaced, as well as the front and rear floor pans. One of the rear frame rails is rusted through at the drivers rear leaf spring mount. There is also a dent on the trunk, where something hit the car on the drivers rear, up high.

More pictures available at this link:!376&authkey=!AMDlM4-_baT9qUY&ithint=folder%2cjpg


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