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I know Ford never made them. They made fastback Comets and Falcons in 1964, why not a Fairlane?Any pics of a custom one. I think it would look good
I've thought about this alot! The sailpanel, or c- pillar on the Fairlane hardtop is a bit too wide and the rear glass isn't swept back enough. At some angles the proportions seem fine, but when viewing at an angle from the front, the car doesn't look so good. The Thunderbirds have an extreme version of this roofline, and I think that has kept them from becoming "hot" rods. The Fairlane (and T-bird) would be greatly enhanced by a subtle fastback conversion. I thought for ease the side glass and its frame should remain in place, and then the backlight frame would get moved forward 3 or 4 inches and laid a little flatter so the c pillar is tapered like the '64 sedan, or like GM cars. The other, more drastic approach, would be to take the side glass, and all, or part of, the roof from a Falcon/Comet and graft that in. This would be the slickest, most slippery roof line, with a super narrow c pillar. I think it would transform the car and get it the attention it deserves.
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