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For sale:

1964 Ford Custom
2-door sedan
95,900 miles
289 V8
3 speed manual-Column shifted
Chantilly beige with red interior


This car runs and drives very well. Everything works as it should. The engine is strong and starts every time. It does smoke a little on hot start-up that I suspect is valve seals and leaks a bit of oil from the pan gasket/rear main seal. It has some surface rust but absolutely nothing that has made any holes. Everything is solid! Lots of new parts.
The car sat in a barn for 15 or so years and suffered mice infestation. I removed all damaged parts including: headliner, carpet and any insulation in the car followed up with a major interior scrub. I have all of the interior parts/trim minus the carpet and insulation. I do still have the original headliner with the rods and clips. The door panels are in OK shape minus the passenger side rear. It looks like it was chewed on by a dog and is half gone. The passenger side front armrest is missing the top portion. There is some surface rust on some of the interior panels but nothing at all major. All the glass is in good shape.


Brake master cylinder
Four wheel cylinders
Four drums
Shoes on all four corners
Fuel tank
BFG tires
Factory 15" steel wheels blasted, primed, based and cleared
Four shocks
Front wheel bearings
Coolant hoses
Water pump
Heater core
Pertronics electronic ignition
Rebuilt carburetor
Electric choke
Spark plugs, wires, cap and rotor
Intake gaskets
Head cover gaskets
Alpine media only stereo installed below factory radio
Pioneer speakers installed in factory locations

New but not installed:

Red ACC carpet set
White headliner
Dome light and bezel
Heater box intake air boot

Items that will be included with sale:

5.0 long block with EFI intake
Ford EFI harness and A9L computer
Two EFI distributers
Misc. late model Ford EFI parts
Full gasket set
A set of aluminum Slots-two 14" front and two 15" rears all with tires

I would love to keep this car but priorities have shifted so it must go. I need the extra room as well.

If you have any questions or you would like pictures of anything specific, please email me at [email protected]. My name is Jesse White.

Link to photobucket album:

Clean/clear Iowa title in hand.


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Dammit, FE you are NOT helping. This guy is trying to sell a car in an honest and forthright manner.

got it?

ok so, I'll give ya $1400, $1500 if you keep the 302. $1600 if you take out the 289 (it'll save me at least 2 hours), and I thought delivery was a given. Either way, that thing needs a 427, or at the very least a 390, no sense even trying to keep the lil engine in there. Matter of fact I already have a 390 for it.

so thats $1600 final offer for your nice bodied with some rust, no interior, car... if and only if you take that engine out.


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Every time we post to your thr4ead it goes to the TOP of the "Today's Posts" section.

So You're welcome!

By the bye... Is this the little nickel want ads where anyone can just drop in and peddle their unwanted wares? Or a site dedicated to Fords and Ford Muscle, and it's users and members?

How in the hell do you NOT want that car to be YOURS? Are you insane? That's a Nice Custom from the outside looks!
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