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1964 Ford F-100

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Just bought a 1964 Ford F-100. The VIN number tag is missing, if in fact I am looking in the right place. The truck was sold to a junk dealer some time back who turned around and sold it to the fellow I bought it from. The title is still in the name of the first person which is dead but his wife is still alive and I know how to contact her. She is working with me. The VIN tag is missing...if I am in fact looking in the right place. (in the glove compartment area, below the door. The tacks are there, no tag. Is there another place for the VIN # on this truck?) If the number is missing, can she still go to the title office and request a new title to give to me? What info would she need. Any other information would be helpful. Thanks
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my dad has a 1964 ford f 100, and if you have find the info stand on the door post of the cab, i thing there should be a tag on the fire wall somewhere.
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