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New to the forum, have not been on the site in awhile.
I have read lots of forums and information about wheel and tire selections but its all over the place.
Here is what I need:
I have a 1964 Galaxie Country Squire wagon 6 passenger 289 /AT, stock drums stock suspension, stock 14x6 steelies.
I waat wide wheels front and rear.
I may do the Aerostar coils up front to drop it 2" and 2" blocks in the rear.
Since TT-D & redlines are a little out of my price range I am going to stock steelie look. My wheel and tire combo of choice that I am leaning towards
Summit Racing "Wheel Vintiques Stock Ford Gray Steelies with BFG Tires.
Front 15x8 4.25 BS - 235-60-15
Rear 15x10 4.5 BS - 275 60 -15.

Anyone running this wheel size setup on a 1964 Galaxie not a 63/62/65 /67 etc.
Will this set up fit, the rear I understand about disconnecting the shocks and jacking up the body high enough, the rear measurements are good for 10" wheels.
Does anyone run 15x8 wheels with this backspace on the front of their 1964 Galaxie, any issues, scrubbiing, rolling of the fender required?
Before I make the $1000 purchase just want to make sure of fitment before I purchase, I may have to resize and go 15x7 front 225 70-15
15x9 with 275-60-15.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated
Tony Sanchez
[email protected]
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