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1964 small block headers

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I found out (actualy installed them) that hedmann shorty headers for a 65 mustang will fit a 64 galaxie. The problem is they are only 1 1/2'' primaries and 2 1/2'' collectors. Patriot clipsters(JEGS<SUMMIT) shortys for a 65 mustang are 15/8'' prim. and 3''collector. Im going to get a set of the patriots and try them,in the picture jegs and summit shows they look identical to the hedmans.
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I have the same setup. 1964 Galaxie 500 XL with a 347 Stroker Motor. What headers will fit? I bought a set of the Hi-Po Mustang 289 Exhaust Manifolds, they foul on the drivers side.
I then purchased a set of the Patroit headers, and they too will not fit without some modification, which will ruin the ceramic coating.
Any suggestions are more that welcomed.
David Pfeiffer, [email protected]
I bought the patiot clipsters for a 65 mustang which are shortys,1 5/8 prim. with 3" collectors. The pass. side shoots straight out the back and is real close to the body mount but it will work. I'm running 3" exhaust,I bought a 3" mandrel bent u-bed from jegs and cut and welded it to clear the mount.The drivers side comes out different and there is plenty of room for a 3" pipe.They come in bare metal or ceramic,the ceramics are 279.00 if i remember right.
I would love to see a picture of the passenger side to see how you designed your exhaust to clear the body mount, if you don't mind.
Do you remember the part number for the 3" u-bed mandrel. This might be a viable solution for me also.
It seem to me the slightest torque of the engine would cause the exhaust/headers to hit the body mount.
Do you have an e-mail address where I could contact you outside this site.
I have a pic or two I would like to send you also of my engine bay.
David Pfeiffer
[email protected]
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