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1965 2dr restoration

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Going to try to keep an index of the high points on this initial post

Page 1&2: intoruction, disassembly, rust repair of roof, floor, trunk and some misc areas.
Page 3&4: frame and suspension restore and engine tear down.
Page 5: quarter replacements and axle rebuild.
Page 6: third brake light design and performance drum brakes and vintage air mounting method
Page 7: three point seatbelt install how too.
Page 8/9: Paint work

Well I have a bit of a head start now. 250hrs worth! So I'll start sharing my progress. The plan will be to keep this thread going until it's done. Which has a long way to go.
Surfing the webs I was snagged in an eBay trap. Found a unicorn of a galaxie and couldn't resist. Saw there was an hour left with no bids so I got the guys contact and kept in touch after the auction ended. He received no bids! Can't imagine why.
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Son of a poopoo! Was putting kids to bed and it just got me. The fuel door is still burried on a shelf somewhere…
Awesome work! Don’t forget the bumper stone deflector that’s probably hiding out of sight, too; that is if you’re planning to match to the body color.
I had that one. Already painted the bottom side blue just in case someone wants to inspect my paint from the bottom up.
thanks for the reminder though.
Here we go. Fuel door and all.
Got it all spread out. Final sanded. And ready to go.

see if you can spot the fuel door. Kind of like where’s Waldo.

And drum roll…………..

It is official. Everything is painted. I won’t say done. There is a lot of dirt in the paint so a lot of wet sanding and polishing. Some spots will likely need a clear coat touch up.
This all took 4.5 hours just to spray. I need to buy some lint free paint overalls. I’ll spare everyone the details of my frustrations.
Or I won’t. First I noticed a missed pinhole Before I started. Then accidentally grabbed the 220 instead of 400 grit to sand off the spotting puddy. After two coats of color the deep 220 scratches stuck out like a sore thumb. Had to go over it with 400 to smooth it out. One problem fixed.
Next I was about to start a 3rd coat and saw a huge dog hair. Couldn’t pick it out with gloves on so I pulled one off. Sweat flung all over the hood from inside the glove. At least it was dry paint so I could dry it with a rag and then hit it with a tach rag.
Problem three. Gun clogged. Had to fully disassemble the gun and found a bunch of crap clogging the tip! That is what I get for skipping the strainer.
As usual clear went on quickly and easily.
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