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1965-66 low profile street-competition engine. Crossmember

New low profile crossmember. Will provide an additional one inch of ground clearance vs. our standard crossmember, and made of the same high quality materials. 100% USA steel and USA manufactured.

2017 pricing
$199.99 base model
$229.99. With integral jackpad

This design was pioneered by Ford in 1969 for the Boss 302 program. It improves on the '65 & '66 stock engine crossmember by tying into the lower control arm mounting points, resulting in improved rigidity for the unibody lower front frame section. Helps to stiffen the car right at the control arms where it's needed most. Perfect for cars that already have an export brace and Monte Carlo Bar. Every competition and high performance 65-66 Mustang will benefit from this racing front crossmember. Guaranteed to improve steering stability at all speeds.

Vastly superior to similar looking cross members currently sold today.

1) No interference issues with oil pan.
2) Will clear oil pan if using RM lowering engine mounts. Other cross members will not clear
3) Made from 1.5" steel tubing, same diameter as the stock Ford crossmember, only thicker. Other are relying on smaller 1.375" tubing, or even worse, 1.25" tubing.
4) Steel tubing thickness: 0.125", stronger than the stock and all other aftermarket cross members. Others are using thinner tubing and/or smaller diameter tubing.
5) USA made with USA steel
6) Complete with grade 8 bolts & hardened washers (USA made).
7) priced under the similar competition.
8) 100% money back if not satisfied (not including return shipping)

sold over 200 to Mustang forum members, excellent reviews. 100% satisfaction.

Competition Engine Crossmember Review - Vintage Mustang Forums

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better designed & made from superior materials than similar looking, but cheaper crossmembers. Thicker tubing, 100% USA MADE, including hardware.

Priced the same or less than the crossmembers sold by Cobra Automotive & CJ's Pony Parts, but beefier and better fitting. Unlike those, my crossmembers will fit engines that have been lowered 1/2" with the Ron Morris engine mounts). Will fit most aftermarket oil pans too, such as the vintage Cobra lettered T pan, Avaid road racing pans, Moroso pans, and most Canton oil pan applications.

larger diameter tubing than other aftermarket crossmembers, optional model has a round 3.5" diameter jackpad made of 0.25" thick steel tread plate that will fit your floor jack perfectly,

These same crossmembers are also available thru Opentracker or eBay for your connivence
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