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hi everyone,
im in the process of doing a 5.0 EFI swap in it.
as im getting close to finishing and getting ready to fire her up for the first time.
i connect the battery power and jump in the seat while grabbing the steering wheel but no where close to the horn ring/button and the horn goes off.
so further testing if i press on top of the steering wheel or turn the wheel left or right the horn goes off.
so i took the horn ring/button off and check and nothing seems loose or missing so i took it all apart and everything seems to be there and the spring seems to have enough tension in my opinion.
but i pulled it apart more and installed everything back together but the problem is still there.
nothing seems to be worn out when i had the horn button/ring apart.
i'll take pictures tomorrow and post them up.
hope some one will be able to help me out with my problem.
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