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I have a 65 Fairlane 2dr. Post
The car has been stripped completely down. And parts have been cataloged. This has the orginial equipment. The 289 C Code and auto trans. The floors are in very good condition as is the rails. Solid trunk, doors and fenders. The shock towers are in great shape as well as the rockers. The only parts missing are the front springs, windshield, steel wheels and gas tank. Everything else is there.The lower quarters had rust, which has been removed. I'm waiting for the shop to send my pieces.
This body is to good to scrape. But I have no place for it.
$1800. photo's can be sent to interested buyers.

513-235-4397 7am-10pm EST

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1965 Fairlane 2 Dr. Post
289 auto Just about a complete. Only the windshield,rear window, gas tank and the coil springs missing at this time.

Will sell parts, if interested call Jim at 1-513-235-4397 I'll send pic's.

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What do you need? Call be at 513-235-4397 or email [email protected].
I hate to do this but I must make room. After I have removed all parts, this weekend.
I'lll be scraping the body..............shame.
But I will have every OEM part for sale.
1965 Fairlane Parts List
Part Price
Hood $100
Dr. Fender $100
P. Fender $100
Grill $100
Frt. Bumper $25
Headlights/Trim $20. ea
Frt Turn Signal fixtures $10 ea
Radiator $85
Horns $25
Radiator Core Support $90.
DragLink/tie rod ends $80
Pitman arm/Backing Plates $90.
Mount mounts $15ea
Lower control arms $20ea
Upper control arms $20ea
Engine compartment wiring $65
289 Complete $225.
Engine Braces $10ea
Auto Trans $100
Torque Converter $75
Flywell $60
Starter $40
Drive shaft $35
Rearend $100
Steering column/wheel/shaft $95
Steering box $60
Dash bezel/gauges $75
Am Radio $45
Glove box dr. $10
Dr. panel/handles,rest $30ea
Rear panels,cranks/rest $20ea
Front split bench seat $100
Rear Seat $100
Side mirror $10
Rear View Mirror $20
Tail Lights $40
Gas tank Lid $15
Gas Tank $45
Rear Bumper $25
2x10 Dr, Chrome $25ea
1 1/2 Dr. Chrome $30/15
1" Dr. chrome $35 ea
Chrome around Grill base $45
Body shell $250
Total $1,142.
Package $800.
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