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Hey all,

I had the chance to put in the fuel sending unit I ordered from Macks for my 1965 Galaxie. Here is a little after action review of hoe the installation went:

1. Aftermarket unit came with new gasket. I ordered one with it, so I have an extra if anyone needs one.

2. Exact fit mechanically. Same arm throw, same fuel line location.

3. Wiring was different. New unit was a 2 lead setup. One hot, one ground. The one I pulled out was a 3 lead setup. Guessing mine had a "low fuel" light option. Don't remember it, Gage hasn't worked since 1995. Easy fix.

4. New unit was not grounded. Easy fix.

Overall it took me 30 minutes to do, including the rewiring. I'll tell you, it is sweet having a fuel gage again! Well worth the $84 bucks..
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