Just testing the waters with this... I have a few too many projects so if I can get the asking price for this I would have to take the offer.

Car was repainted (horribly) and given a lowrider style interior. My dog ate one of the interior door panels, but I saved the metal top of it.

Doors are the worst of the rust, NM car so it's really not bad. But the weep-holes obviously clogged and the doors rusted through from the inside out.

Runs and drives, but does need to be primed if left more than a few hours. Not sure what's up there.

I've had it re-keyed so all locks/windows/doors operate as they should. All glass is perfect.

Definitely needs some TLC but not a bad start for somebody wanting a project. I drive it weekly around town just for fun, but really haven't done much other than put gas in it and cruise it. I did have the brakes done at a local shop, however.

Lights are all functional except the instrument panel. Could be driven home, I take it on the freeway all the time - no issues there except maybe the tires are a risk.

Comes with a bunch of spare parts (emblems, door hardware, original mirrors, tail-lights, headlight surrounds, trim components, springs).