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A friend of mine bought a Twin Cam Ford engine at the end of racing year sale back in 1965. He got the whole thing in parts. Un-assembled but complete from gagle of snakes exhaust, plus Hilborns and Magneto ignition. Not going to cite how much was paid for it, but it was certainly LESS than a cross bolt 427. This thing has been sitting in his garage (in boxes and bags) since about 1966. He is now determined as to assemble the engine for first time, and slip into a 1965 Mustang. -Just to be different-

These are very valuable engines, and last one he saw was a well used one going for about $35,000 in Sou. Calif. I think this got him inspired to finish off after reading of such. It is not a Foyt Coyote also. He finally located the proper transmission, clutch etc. to go out from the end of crankshaft, and now he is eager to continue.

He is therefore looking for a place to assemble it for him in the Sou. California area.

Suggestions would be helpfull.

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