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I've got a 1966 Custom parts car (two-door) that I picked up over the weekend that I will be parting out.

The bad: A lot of the sheet metal on the car is no good (this includes the hood, lower rear quarters and some of the frame at the back of the car.) The doors *might* be saved if you had a Custom that you really needed them for (they have some rust/rot in the lower part of the door, but might be saved. I haven't looked at it closely enough.) Fenders look somewhat OK, but I haven't looked at them closely enough, either.

The good: All glass is in good shape, no cracks. I am planning on keeping the front windshield since it will interchange with my '67 Custom, and possibly the door glass, too. Quarter glass will not interchange with my '67 so that is available as well, as is the rear window.

Engine (not that anyone would likely want it) is a 240 CID, with Toploader 3-speed - hasn't been started in many years, although the owner tells me it's been oiled over the years to keep it from seizing.)

The entire interior is there, although the seat covers are rough and not much use. Dash is complete, although the dash pad is rough.

Let me know what you need, I'll take pics and we can go from there. I will ship as needed. Car is located about 30 miles south of Flint, MI.

[email protected]
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