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they both came with 289's and fairlane 500 emblems stock, so that makes them the coupe or the gt? one has bucket seats one has bench wtf am i wrong about the black one? i am gonna do some more research tomorrow with my eyes! and yes one has the 67gt hood not a 67 though!


Body #

Body Style

Production Numbers
1966 Fairlane
62A 2dr Club Coupe 13,498
54A 4dr Sedan 26,170
Fairlane 500 62B 2dr Club Coupe 14,118
Fairlane 500 XL 76C Convertible 4,560
54B 4dr Sedan 68,635
63B * 2dr Hardtop 75,947
76B Convertible 9,299
Fairlane  GT- GT/A 63D 2dr Hardtop 33,015
76D Convertible 4,327
Station Wagon 71D Ranch Wagon (Standard) 12,379
71B Ranch Wagon (Custom) 19,826
71E Squire Wagon 11,558
* Includes 71 Factory 427's = 317,274 Total
one has the 67 gt hood
'course they need work

notice the paint jar i must've ran over (war marks rule)!

66 FAIRLANE 500 2dr.

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The 500's said 'Fairlane 500' on the rear quarters and on the trunk lid. The GT's said 'F A I R L A N E' on the quarters, and had the GT logo on the front fenders and trunk lid. I don't remember bucket seats being an option on the 500. I thought only 500XL's and GT's had them.

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