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I have a cream 66' Galaxie in very good condition. 4 doors, and 352. It has around 60,000 original miles on it. I bought it in Oregon in 2011, worked on it to get it ready for the trip (went over the whole car and replaced a lot of stuff) and then drove it back across the country to Pennsylvania, on a weaving path dropping into a bunch of different national parks (hey, you only live once!).

The car is very clean, and is in original condition without being restored. From what I know it was never used as a winter driver and it has the clean undercarriage to prove it. I certainly never drove it in the winter in Erie Pennsylvania. I have not driven the car since 2012 and it has been stored since then. I have gone over the car and replaced, like I said before, most of the typical things on it that need replacing. There is a minor leak in the manifold which I have let slide and top of the oil about a half quart after every fill up. At one point a teenager pulling out of the parking spot beside we scratched a rear fender and I had this repainted. The trunk lid was repainted before I bought the car.

Anyhow, it is a very clean, very nice ride. I have included some pictures of the undercarriage and also some shots of the car from out west I took with my old Nikon SLR. This car is a driver as-is, or a perfect candidate for a bottom up restoration.

$4500 in Erie PA
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