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Here's a car that I am helping a friend with. Have known this guy for 30 years via car club. He retired from NASA a couple of years back and is now moving out but isn't taking this ol' girl with them. He took care of his cars like he built the lunar landing work! This car works! Check out the pic's....just a few of what I have.

Priced to move: $6500 OBO 428-4V engine and trim pieces that look like new, probably because they are!

This is a two owner California kept LTD, powder blue exterior/blue interior, purchased in 1971 off a dealership lot here in the Sunnyvale CA area. He worked on it over the years along with a couple of other cars, but this was the primary car to take to car shows etc. He and the wife cruised everywhere!

The car was repainted before 1971 due to some LH quarter damage, and is starting to show it's age. But from 20ft or cruising down the road, it looks fantastic! There are some bubbles in the areas where the new quarter was mated to the body, but all other fenders and quarter are in fantastic rust free shape! Roof paint is cracking. Interior surfaces of doors and jamb areas are very clean. If only all my other cars were this nice! All locks work smoothly with good new cut keys.

All the stainless and chrome on the car is amazing! Some of it he covered with floor polish....think rocket scientist and coatings that work in space here......and that has some pieces looking hazy, but the good news is that it comes off fairly easily and the trim underneath is fantastic. I also think he had stuff like the grill and other bits rechromed. Bumpers are original chrome best I can tell with some minor scrapes....50 years old, hard not to!

Car has RH mirror, and remote LH mirror.....both in super shape! LH may be an NOS mirror. Rear LTD spear on trunk was replaced with NOS part. I don't know why he took old one off....! 428 emblems on side look a bit faded. Could be originals not NOS.

Interior is in great shape. Instrument cluster was removed, rechromed, and detailed to the Nth degree! Looks beautiful! Clock converted to quartz with shut off switch to conserve clock.....! AM-FM radio works along with a Cassette deck. Custom switch controls speakers and power to hide-away antenna. Power rear vent works very well, all drains have been replaced with super duty thick hoses to last. All door panels and arm rests etc are in excellent shape, with some parts being NOS. All door handles and window cranks are spotless. Rubber weather stripping was replaced throughout with either NOS or quality vendor repro' parts.

Carpet was replaced some time ago, still looks really good, but I found one spot where it looks like it faded a little bit where floor mat didn't cover. Headliner is beautiful. Visors are in beautiful shape.

Steering wheel looks really sweet, but alas, the sun has taken it's toll and it has 3 separations in it from the old vinyl shrinking up. The detail in the wheel finish must have been amazing when new....looks good now even with cracks.

Seats are showing some separation of the nylon material in higher traffic areas. Will need a refreshing.
This guy never smoked in the car, nor did anyone else. It looks like the ashtrays were rattling, so he took them out and applied silicon sealer dabs in the corners to keep the lids from rattling!!! Simple but effective!

There is a book of maintenance items that comes with the car. Lists work that he has done, and shops, going back into the 70's.

428 Engine was rebuilt about 25K miles back and purrs like a kitten! C5ME block. Pertronnix ignition module in distributor. Engine oil changed every 2000 miles! Factory correct Autolite carb with new kit in it, and Ford Racing Air cleaner, original 67+ style chrome valve covers and original oil pan rechromed. Other parts chromed... AC converted to new rotary pump. NOS idler pulley. Custom radiator filled with water wetter.

Picture update: Engine compartment- shield over water heater valve was located and installed, new rotary A/C pump and idler pulley have been installed as has the newer master cylinder. AC lines still need to be connected and system charged. Too hot to work on hot car......waiting for cooler days!

Suspension has had a little work...air shocks in back with onboard air compressor controlled from switch under dash. KYB shocks up front. All bushings and ball joints appear to have been replaced according to records. When I was installing discs(see next) all the bushings/joints seemed very tight and in very good shape. Rear springs feel like they have seen better days.....not sure what the latest hot swap is for them.....!

I installed a complete disc brake system up front, from a 1970 Lincoln Mark 3. New rotors, bearings, seals, pads, hoses, and tie-rod ends. Converted the old single reservoir master cylinder to a 1" diameter two reservoir version. Stops/slows with confidence on grades.

Wheels are 16x7" Crown Vic alloy wheels with new Continental radials. Very quiet and smooth out on the road! I took it on a 190 mile trip two weekends ago and it ran and handled amazingly nice for a 50 year old car! No clunks, no rattles, no problems! Went over a couple 1000' passes without even noticing a dip in the speed! Smooth is all I can call this car.

I also installed a 1-1/8" front sway bar which is probably the nicest thing to do to this car besides put a 428 in it! Car is now much more level taking on or off ramps! Gone is that feeling that you are going to slide off the seat into the door.

Exhaust is basically new shape, aluminized pipe, mufflers replaced. Car is way to quiet! Any water valves have been replaced for the heater system with NOS or new. A couple of the A/C actuators appear to have been replaced with NOS parts.

Dash pad protector is in place, dash is in beautiful condition. Car cover included. Original jack/bits/wrench tool are present. Some advertising materials, original owners manual is in glove box.

There is probably a lot I have left out, but I know this guy spent a lot of money in the chrome shop, and spent a lot of time detailing parts out on the car. I'll update post as things pop up.

I'm going to upload as many pic's as I can. We'll see how that goes here......seems like every site is a little different!

Thanks for looking! Email me if I have left anything out.

I also got a truckload of spare NOS and NEW aftermarket parts but have yet to completely inventory them, trim, emblems, taillight lens/housings/assys, maintenance parts like hoses, gaskets, belts, rubber weatherstripping, heater, high torque starters, wiper, brakes, wheel kits, shoes, seals, anything and everything for the car that the owner thought he may need....he bought multiples of. Will be listing these or if a package deal is desired, I can deal with that too!.


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