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I have been looking for another project.

Last night I stopped at a friend house. He was working on a 1966 Mustang. Doing a tune up for the owner. Anyway, the guy told me that the car was for sale. It sounds too god to be true but here are the details.

1966 Ford Mustang Hardtop
289 2V Engine
Automatic transmission
Red with white interior. Original
One owner car
66700 miles. Guy swears it is 66K actual.

I could only find a couple of small rust spots.... One on each front fender about the size of a half dollar and a small patch on the drivers floorboard.

The guy says he wants 10K for the car.
His mechanic (my Neightbor) says he thinks 7K will buy it.

I took the vin and door plate codes and decoded them. Everything sems in order.

So my question to you is, is this a good possibility????


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I would test the cowl w/the water hose as th driver's side floor panel has a rust spot. You should be comfortable w/your bid. I'm surprised that you have't received a boatload of responses yet. But IMO 10-7K for a plain Jane coupe w/o options (AC, PS, PDB) is too much. Good luck.

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You would be suprised how the sales market is for un-restored 64 1/2 to 66 Stangs are. 7K is a fair price if it's nice(no rust) I too would be concerned with the cowl area. I bought my 65 for $8500, knew the original owner for 20 years. Documented 74K miles. Mine has never seen rain & is in show condition & has judged well in MCA shows. I see these from time to time for 10-12K with low miles(25-40K). It's a shame that pristine un-restored cars aren't worth more than they are. I thought when I bought mine I'd clean up in a few years. Can't seem to find anyone interested in it. Attached is a link to my old web site, you can see my car & some of the documentation.
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