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Hi all my first post so be kind!!

Looking to get advice from you guys in the US and Australia since you guys might have more experience with mustangs than here in the UK!

Im looking to get my dream car shipped over and updated by the end of the year (hopefully November).
Main uses are daily driving and a bit of track on the weekends.

Basic summary is:
1967 fastback de rusted with 289 rebuilt engine (0.040 overbore)
Edelbrock E Street EFI
Edelbrock performer cylinder heads
Flowmaster deltaflow 50 muffler
slightly more aggressive cam
aluminium flywheel and driveshaft
heidts superide IFS and IRS
RHD conversion!

Questions are:
Has anyone got any idea how much HP i can expect with this setup (330hp?)

Also any economic ways to increase hp a little more (running out of cash v quick!)?

On the IFS is superide worth it or just basic mustang 2?

on interior any tips on seats etc to sharpen things up a bit (at the moment all stock)?

lastly on colour im thinking something subtle like mini cooper silver velvet but open to suggestions!

Cheers in advance,
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