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I have a pair of rust-free fenders that are perfect for your 1968 or 1969 Ford intermediate. They both have a small amount of bondo in them from a ding in one, and a couple dents up front for the other.

Both are listed on eBay (auctions#s: 251137246049 and 251137248482) for $200 and $175. If someone from the forums is interested in purchasing these outside of eBay and can pick them up and pay in cash I will knock $15 off either, or $40 off the pair.

Shouldn't need anything more than stripping them down, some minor bump work and a thin coat of putty (depending on your skills) to have these ready. Again, no rot or scale, just a very small amount of surface rust. The inside of the fenders are still the factory baby blue. (more pics on the eBay auctions)

I also have some other parts that fit a '69 if you are interested. Please PM me.


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