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Hello there everyone
So I took the plunge and bought my first 1968 2 door Galaxie and super excited to start working on it. So I found a donor car 1966 4 door Galaxie, I'm going to use the frame to swap out because they are the same size. My question is are the bench seats compatible, could I use bench seats from the 66 to fit a 68?
Hello Jared_Funk,

The floor pans from 65-68 are the same for the same type of model full size. The bench seat will simply swap. The floor pan braces are different for factory bucket seats as in a 7 litre or XL package or the '67/'68 XL with factory buckets or convertible.

I word on frames, 65-68 (3rd generation full size Fords) are all somewhat interchangeable again for the similar body style. Convertible and Station Wagon frames are different, every other body style uses the same frame. Now the frames did differ over the years. There are two notable differences between '66 and '68. First the parking brake cables run differently, the '66 uses the centre hung 'V' style cables off the transmission cross brace and the '68 uses completely different cables that run off the drivers side.

Secondly the upper rear frame cross member is different and so is the upper rear control arm to axle. The frame was changed in '67 to accommodate a larger upper control arm bushing for more stability. You WILL have to use the smaller bushing rear upper control arm off the '66 to work in the '66 frame. Those bushings can be bought from Rare Parts as no one else makes them and they are pricy. You can still get the '68 rear upper control arm bushings from places like Rock Auto and such.

Otherwise more or less the frames should swap over easily. There will be little things like muffler hangers that are different, but that should be pretty straight forward to work around.

Good Luck with your project.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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