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Motor was rebuilt less than 500 miles ago.
Everything under hood is pretty much new including engine rebuild, edelbrock 500 carb, master cylinder and power brake booster, brake lines all around, aluminum radiator, front end suspension (coil springs, shock absorbers, most new bushings, lower ctrl arms, spring perches, ball joints, etc.), fresh alignment, steering wheel, battery, solenoid, ignition box, msd coil, spark plugs and wires, starter, altenator, pumps and filters, trans vacuum modulator valve. Reverse lights don't work; all other lights work - even the cold/hot indicator. Rest of gauges don't work in dash (dash lights work); external tach and gas gauge installed and work. There is a small release of gas from the breather hose in the trunk when on bumpy roads. Car runs and drives great. 8" rear end. 15" keystone rims; tires in great condition.

More info: C4 transmission runs great and changes gears smoothly. Engine cranks off and runs great. All glass is in great condition with the exception of a front windshield crack along the bottom middle. All body panels are in great condition with no signs of overused filler (hood does come up a little on the driver side). No power steering installed, but I have the RAM hydraulic and hoses to put it back on - you will need the mount that drops it down below the dual Hooker exhaust manifolds...$30 value). Interior is very nice used condition with 1 slight tear in the upper passenger side bench seat back rest. I have an aftermarket radio and a 200 watt amp and 6x9 speakers that mount behind the back seat (not installed). Dash was painted aqua to match the color of the car. I have the old compressor if you want to reinstall a/c.

I have the receipt for the complete engine rebuild and some of my documents from the parts stores.

I get a lot of attention driving around bc it's not your run-of-the-mill mustang or f100. It's fun for joyrides and driving to work.

$11,000 cash value $13,000 trade value for hard top Jeep Wrangler ~/<100,000 mi. Year 2000 and later.


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