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Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping someone with more expertise can help me with the following questions.

Picture 1 - Steering Box and Column. The left arrow points to the steering box refill opening. I found the box completely full to the top of a black waxy grease. I'm assuming they packed it at the factory and it has been doing its job for 50 years, and will continue to do so, so I left it alone, since the wheels do turn, its just the power steering which isn't functioning properly. The right arrow points to a broken piece of plastic, which I think is called the Lower Tube Insulator? What does this piece do exactly, and how important is it. Do I need to pull the steering column and fix it now while I have the brake master out and the dash apart?

Pictures 2 and 3 - Heating Control Valve. The heater wasn't working on the car (which came with factory AC) when I got it. I'm trying to diagnose the problem now. The valve is rusty and seems to be stuck. Its obviously vacuum driven, but I should be able to manually manipulate the lever which moves the valve right? I was unable to do so. Do any of the chain stores, Autozone, Oreillys, Advanced, etc, offer any kind of vacuum test for this device, or should I try a regular mechanic shop? Online they want $120 for a new one...|Make:Mercury|Model:Montego&epid=188316972

So ouch, I'd like to keep this one if at all possible. I am considering dunking the entire part in a bucket of Evapo Rust Any reason why I should not submerge the entire thing in Evapo Rust? At the bare minimum I could just soak the rusty tube openings pictured, and leave the vacuum unit above the liquid. Anyone know a cheaper place to get a new one if necessary?



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