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With the brake master and booster removed, see other thread, I have access to the steering column and this is what I found...(left arrow) the steering box appears full of a blackish, waxy grease, like completely full, I thought it might have something in it, but I wasn't expecting for filled to the top, so I'm going to assume it came this way from Ford and this is what 50-year-old steering box grease looks like, and its been doing its job, and can continue to do its job, so I should just leave it alone? (Right arrow) However, this bothers me more, I see a broken piece of plastic which I think is a lower tube steering column insulator, but I'm not a 100% sure what it is called, what it does, or how badly I actually need it to not be broken.

Anyone have experience with this? Do I need to pull the column and replace that part and lubricate other places, check bearings ect., or is there some kind of a workaround like removing the plastic, packing it with grease and clamping a slit rubber hose over it, or just leaving it and crawling up under the car and greasing it every 500 miles from now on? I think this might be the part, but again, not sure

I'd appreciate help from anyone experienced with these issues.


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