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The car in question is a 1968 Mercury Montego, C6, column shift, with power steering. Disassembly to get at, C9AZ-7347-A Lower Steering Column Tube Bearing, and perform maintenance, revealed a broken one of these, see pic. I have the shop manual, but the parts diagram doesn't seem to match up, or have all the parts labeled, or have them properly labeled. So my questions are...

1. Can anyone point me to an online parts diagram for the steering column for my car?
2. What is the name of the part which has the red, blue and green arrows pointing to it?
3. Where can I buy a new one?
4. If I can not buy a new one, what other part can I make work, or what other material can I jury-rig together to make it work?
5. If/when I do find a new one, how do I get it on the shaft? It won't slide off now over either the steering wheel end or the gear box end, I'm stumped.
6. The neutral safety switch activator pin broke during removal. See picture, where can I also buy one of them?


Note, the blue arrow shows the tabs which were broken off, the red arrow shows a crack in the part, the green arrow is from a pic/post I found at another site, its just another angle of the same part somehow removed from the shaft. Here is an activator from the time period which is for a Ford truck, it is made from metal as mine should have been, however it doesn't look like it will work, anyone know?

68_merc_lower_shift_rod_1.jpg 68_merc_lower_shift_rod_2.jpg 68_merc_neutral_safety_switch_pin.jpg

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