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Barn sale.

True M-code 69 fastback was my fathers who recently passed away with brain cancer. I cant keep. 1969 Mach 1 (M-code) Wimblton White: This car is a prodject, and alot better than the rust buckets I 've seen out there for this price. $3500 Firm. I got new Dash cover and carpet to go with her. This is an excellent prodject car! The car is located in West Virginia.

1) New Metal under the hood has all metal replaced.......All of It.

2) New Floor panels all the way back to the rear rear wells.

3) New tub over the rear wheel wells and new trunk metal.

4) Newer front fenders

5) New Rear quarters (Needs welded and fitted on top)

Car needs A and B pillar from the door jams on the drivers side replaced. The rest of the work is fitting and welding.

Other accesories for sale

1) 1968 429 Cobra Jet with origial 1968 Toploader. Rebuilt to run strong. Aluminum Rockers. 2]Also I have extra set of D0VE-A heads. $2500, This is a good deal for this motor. Pictures are up on top in another add.

2) I also have an older 302 with reverse facing plugs and a 351 Clevland modified blocks and heads.

VIN 9FO2M199118 and call 304 778 2667 for more infomration

1) One of the questions people have repeatedly called and asked about is the Vin located under the drivers fender apron. So to answer this I took a picture of the vin under the drivers side fenders apron and included a pic, it reads same vin.

2) I have a good clear title.

Get the Vehicle History Report for 9F02M199118 NOW

FAssemblyDearborn, MI
02BodyMustang 2-Door Fastback
MEngine8 Cyl. 351 CID
Horsepower: 290
Carbs: 1-4BBL
Compression: 10.7:1


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