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I just recently got my 1970 Ford LTD out of the barn after 7 years of storage. The 351w was rebuilt a year or two prior to storage after a timing chain broke and was fogged during storage. I have a new battery spark pugs, airfilter and oil change into the car. I had to replace the brake lines going to the rear and now have the car driving down the road. Car is MI car and purchased from my neighbors grand mother 11yrs ago with 64k now has 111k.

I am looking to sell because I have my first child on the way and the car frame is slightly rusted through and I don't have the time or money now.

-Hideaway headlights work great
-gas gage shows empty-1/8tank
-hood has upturned corners after my mom didnt close the hood and drove down the road.
-Bumpers are pretty good with few dents
-I have all the trim
-Glass is great
-Top is in great shape (redone before I bought it and absolutely perfect)
-Front Bench was redone before I purchaced and is in great shape.

Any insight into what she's worth and if I will be better off parting her out or selling in her current condition please give me some imput.
Any one that would like to make an offer please email me at [email protected]
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